A round-up of the status in Europe regarding the donation of blood by people with myalgic encephalomyelitis. This page will be kept up to date following any changes in the policies of governments and healthcare services in Europe.

>> See EMEA's previous letter to European health ministers <<


No blood donation ban in Belgium currently.


No blood donation ban in Denmark currently. Although we have contacted both our Seruminstitute and the Board of Health. They both responded that they have no plans of a blood donation ban but they were keenly following the research on XMRV.


No blood donation ban in Finland currently.


No blood donation ban in France currently.


No blood donation ban in Holland currently.


No blood donation ban in Ireland currently.


No blood donation ban in Italy currently.


No blood donation ban in Germany currently.
There is an old recommendation from the Robert-Koch-Institut (comparable to the CDC in the US) that German people with ME should not donate blood, but it is only a recommendation, and it is from the 1990s. EMEA Germany wrote to the health minister Philip Rösler (greenhorn) and demanded a blood ban. He did not react or reply. The person in the health ministry who is responsible for the blood banks (Dr. Johanna Strobel) was contacted and sent lots of information. So far she has not reacted and has not answered.


Malta has implemented a ban on people with ME donating blood.


No blood donation ban in Norway currently. Although EMEA Norway member Norwegian ME Association has been actively involved in discussions with the government and health institute and has been discussing in the media. Click here to see Norwegian Helsedirektorat response to EMEA call for European blood donation ban for people with ME.

The government authorities responsible for this state that one must not give blood if one is ill and that this includes ME patients as well. However, the reality is that ME patients are allowed to give blood (possibly due to continuing ignorance of some healthcare personnel who believe ME patients only have psychiatric problems) and/or they are allowed to give blood if they are feeling more or less ok at the time. Despite this not proving they are well and free of infections. The Norwegian health authorities often refer to "other European health authorities" - which usually means UK - when it comes to ME. It is to be seen whether the Norwegian authorities will follow the UK decision.


No blood donation ban in Portugal currently.


No blood donation ban in Spain currently. But EMEA member Liga SFC is campaigning heavily to effect change.


No blood donation ban in Sweden currently.  EMEA member RME is arranging for Dr. Judy Mikovits to meet with people from the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control in December. We shall see if this changes anything.


No blood donation ban in Switzerland currently.


UK has implemented a lifetime ban on people with ME from donating blood. This also includes those who have had myaglic encephalomyelitis and "recovered". Click here

Replies from Chief Medical Officer of England and from Scotland (click here)

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Last Update: 09 November 2010